Dylan Patterson
Dylan with Mimi
General information
Full Name Dylan Patterson
Gender Female
 Dylan Patterson is the main antagonist in Saige Paints the Sky. She is portrayed by Mika Abdalla.

Charater PersonalityEdit

Dylan is Tessa's new best friend from music camp.Dylan first stars as a spoiled "diva" girl but later becomes a nicer girl to Saige. She is also seen to hate Saige's ideas and always seems to comment on everything she does. She wants to be a singer when she grows up in the future like Tessa.

Ineraction HistoryEdit


Tessa Jablonsky

Main Article Dessa

Tessa and Dylan met on music camp during the summer. However Tessa is replacing Saige for Dylan as her best friend but later makes her her "friend" instead of her best friend.

Saige Copeland

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Saige has a dislike for Dylan for stealing Tessa away from her. They later become friends at the end of the movie. She invites Dylan on her hot air ballon at the fiesta.


  • She wants to be a singer.
  • She was trying to be Tessa's best friend.
  • She is seen as a girly girl.