General information
Full Name Miriam Copeland
Gender Female
Miriam "Mimi" Copeland is a main character in Saige Paints the Sky. She is portrayed by Jane Seymour.

Character PersonalityEdit

Mimi is Saige's grandmother. She loves horses and art and loves being with her granddaughter Saige. Mimi didn't walk on the middle of the movie for a fall but later got better.

Ineraction HistoryEdit


Saige Copeland

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Saige is Mimi's granddaughter. They are very close and love to do everything together. They trust and tell each other everything that's going on in their lives. Mimi is the first person Saige tells about the art cutting and Tessa and Dylan.

David Copeland

David is Mimi's son.

Marina Copeland

Marina is Mimi's daughter-in-law. Marina is a college math teacher.


  • She is a good artist.
  • She likes to ride horses.
  • She is very close to Saige.
  • Mimi owns two horses named Picasso and Georgia and a Boarder Collie Mix named Rembrandt.