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Saige Copeland and Tessa Jablonsky




Best Friends/Like sisters

Taige (T/essa and S/aige) is the friendship pairing of Saige Copeland and Tessa Jablonsky. They have been best friends since they were little girls and are always there for each other. Saige and Tessa end their friendship on the middle of the movie but later make up. At the end of the movie Saige invites Tessa (along with Gabi and Dylan) to her hot air balloon at the fiesta.

See Sidlex for the pairing of Sidney Fullmer and Alex Peters the actresses who play Saige Copeland and Tessa Jablonsky


Saige and Tessa have been best friends since they were little. Saige was very excited to see Tessa back from music camp but sees Tessa has been ditching her for another girl she met at camp. They get in a fight on the middle of the movie because Tessa stopped Saige from yelling at Dylan meaning Tessa took Dylan's side rather than Saige's. At the end they make up and save the art program. At the end they become best friends again.

Other NamesEdit

  • Taige (T/essa and S/aige)
  • Saigessa (Saige and T/essa)
  • Jablopeland (Jablo/nsky and Co/peland)



  • Both are female.
  • Both are into the arts.
  • Both are nine years old.
  • Both made a new friend.
  • Both wear girly clothes.
  • Both are like sisters.


  • Saige has red hair and blue eyes while Tessa has blond hair and hazel eyes.
  • Saige is an artist while Tessa is a musician.
  • Saige rides horses Tessa dosen't.
  • Tessa plays guitar Saige dosen't.


  • Both are best friends.
  • Both saved the art program.
  • They made up at the end of the movie.
  • Both later made friends with each other's new friend.
  • Both tried each other's activities.
  • Both went on Saige's hot air balloon.
  • Saige was jelous of Tessa's friendship with Dylan